Welcome to our company

The company DOMPROGIANNIS LP was founded by Christos Domprogiannis in 1975 as a private enterprise and is active in import and distribution of egg packaging – cotton and plastic- and forage (bran, Betas, oils, alfalfa, etc.). In the course it became a limited company and moved to its own facilities in 2014 in order to store more volume of products and better customer service. At this time the warehouse and offices are in place Sakkou Lakka in Megara, Greece. The company owns transport and can distribute its products throughout Greece.

Our strengths are:

1) Wide range of products both in egg packaging and forage.

2) Quality: All our products are accompanied by certificates of good quality and good use of the product and ISO -HACCP and TUV.

3) Immediate service: Our customers are serviced either directly by receiving products from our site, or by distributing the same to with our transport.